About us

Feed Factors Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Andersons, Inc.

Principle activities include trading, importing and distribution of agricultural commodities for human and animal consumption; specialising in Organic grains and Oilseeds.

We believe in strong long term partnerships working closely with suppliers and serving the needs of our buyers. Feed Factors has strategic port storage facilities located throughout the UK.


Our products

The company has exclusive port storage arrangements throughout the UK enabling it to distribute to all UK mills, and maintain a competitive edge in the market place.

Our products include grains, oilseeds, fishmeal, oilmeals and derivatives.

Within this product range we specialise in Non GM, Organics and Identity Preservation.

Organics Fish Meal Soya

We are one of the largest Organic trading houses in Europe having over 10 years' experience sourcing from throughout the globe.

Fishmeal is sourced throughout the major producing countries across the world which is stored in our Liverpool facility.

Feed Factors has been importing soybeans into the UK for the last 30 years. It continues to support and service the needs of the customers throughout the country.


Ports and storage

Feed Factors main function in the UK market is to import, store and distribute grain and protein products throughout the UK. We have achieved this by establishing our own exclusive network of storage and warehousing facilities in multiple port locations. This storage network enables us to discharge our ships, store our cargoes in GAFTA approved warehouses, and deliver to our customers premises across the length of the UK.



European code of: Good Trade Practice (GTP) & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Organic Food Federation

GAFTA trade assurance scheme (GTAS)