Feed Factors

Feed Factors Limited

MV Hoo Swift discharging soybeans in New Holland
We believe strongly in partnerships when it comes to sourcing raw materials from all corners of the globe, and our long standing relationships have stood us in good stead in the difficult market conditions of 2007. Feed Factors is accepted as a trading partner throughout the international grain community.

Similarly with our customers we take a long term approach in all circumstances so that our sales are predominantly regular or repeat orders. Working closely with our clients we continue to supply the latest quality requirements, along with a clear traceability of all our products. The company is a member of GAFTA, AIC and the Organic Food Federation (OFF) which enables us to keep abreast of the ever increasing legislation that the trade is confronted with.

The company has exclusive port storage arrangements throughout the UK enabling it to distribute to all UK mills, and maintain a competitive edge in the market place. Our products include grains, oilseeds, fishmeal, oilmeals and derivatives. Within this product range we specialise in Non GM, Organics and Identity Preservation.