Feed Factors

David T. Boyd

David T. Boyd (DTB) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Feed Factors, having initially been founded in 1876.

It has been involved in a variety of commodities, commerce and shipping over the years, but from the 1960's it has concentrated on the trading of both marine and animal proteins. Since the late 1990's when all mammalian proteins were banned from the diets of farm animals, the company has been exclusively involved in the trading of fishmeal.

Fishmeal is sourced from two major regions; the west coast of South America, namely Chile and Peru, and Scandinavia, including Iceland and Faroe Islands. David T. Boyd is well known in both of these areas, and has excellent contacts with whom supply contracts are entered into to satisfy DTB's customers in the EU. From South America all shipments are in containers which are stuffed at the fishmeal factory and only emptied in DTBs exclusive fishmeal store in Liverpool. This infra structure ensures identity preservation from source to market, and full traceability to satisfy the most demanding of customers. In 2007 the company was responsible for approximately 50% of UK fishmeal imports from South America.

David T. Boyd imports fishmeal from individual factories in the North Atlantic by means of coasters of approximately 12-1800 DWCC. The coasters will be discharged either in Liverpool or Humberside into storage facilities specifically designated for fishmeal. The source of the most competitive fishmeal will vary from time to time between Scandanavia and South America, but DTB will always be in a position to obtain the best value, owing to its infra structure and experience in the marketplace. A whole range of fishmeal, with different specifications, is available from David T. Boyd, and the company has spent considerable time with each of its clients to produce exactly the quality which provides the best value for each customer.

In addition to the UK market, DTB is also active in shipping fishmeal to other EU and Mediterranean destinations, and welcomes new enquiries to broaden its geographical and customer base.