Feed Factors


We have been involved in the Organic market for several years and have become a prominent player in the European Grain and Oilseed industry. In 2007 we were the biggest importers of organic wheat into the UK, and we are fully accredited with the Organic Food Federation. We play a major role in the UK market because of our strategic position in port stores, facilitated by several exclusivity arrangements on the east, west and south coasts of the UK. We work closely with our buyers across the milling and feed industries, and are able to provide a range of specifications to meet their individual requirements.

In addition to the UK we are also shipping significant quantities of organic grain to other North European destinations including Scandinavia. We offer a full range of grains from specialist milling wheat to feed wheat, barley and corn. Organic oilseed meals have become a major part of our business recently offering expellers from Europe, China and South America. Our entire portfolio of commodities comes with full accreditation and traceability in addition to the high quality of goods our clients have come to expect.

Fish Meal

David T Boyd fishmeal store in Liverpool
Fishmeal is sourced from two major regions; the west coast of South America, namely Chile and Peru, and Scandinavia, including Iceland and Faro Islands. David T. Boyd is well known in both of these areas, and has excellent contacts with whom supply contracts are entered into to satisfy DTB?s customers in the EU. From South America all shipments are in containers which are stuffed at the fishmeal factory and only emptied in DTB?s exclusive fishmeal store in Liverpool. This infrastructure ensures identity preservation from source to market, and full traceability to satisfy the most demanding of customers. In 2007 the company was responsible for approximately 50% of UK fishmeal imports from South America.

Corn Products

US Corn gluten meal loading into barge
We import directly from producers on the continent, as well as from the United States, and have been one of the major suppliers of Corn Gluten (Prairie) Meal 60% into the UK. We have also developed a trade in Corn Gluten Pellets 23%. Both the pellets and the meal are non gm with strict traceability throughout the supply chain. With the closing down of the last maize plants in the UK in preference to wheat starch, it has become important to secure regular supplies to the feed trade, in order to provide continuity to the consumers for what are traditionally popular ingredients in UK diets.

Soya Products

Non GM soybeans loaded into a coaster
For the last 2 decades Feed Factors have provided a variety of quality soybeans to UK processors.

We have dedicated storage throughout the UK through which we offer standard soybeans, FEMAS quality, and hard IP Non GM varieties. With our connections with the UK processors we are able to offer both Non GM and Organic Full Fat Soya utilizing the whole soybeans that we are importing.


Wheat has always been a key commodity with Feed Factors, concentrating on mainly high quality wheat for bread making. We procure milling wheat from several origins, including North America, Kazakhstan and EU, and are able to provide a full range of quality guarantees such as protein, falling number, test weight and gluten.

Durum wheat has become more important this last year as difficult growing conditions and extremely high prices have made traditional sources unattractive. We have originated quality durums with a high content of vitreous kernels from the FSU.